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A study has revealed those situations "Top Ten" that produce desire for a sexual encounter in men and women.

Being in humor. Be available. To want. Want to set aside the excuses. Feel good with oneself and ... well, now!

Those, could be some of the animals of the ideal scenario to have sex and good sex.

However, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom published by the Daily Mail, showed that the reasons to get those "desire", are related to particular situations and somewhat alien to what one could imagine.

The study conducted by an entertainment company called Mecca determined, for example, 60% of the women interviewed are encouraged to "win a good sum of money".


It is not so much, if you think that having tired silver generates an illusion that is attached to satisfaction, which generates achieving a reward for the work done or before a good luck in the game.

The weirdest thing is that the research, who interviewed 2,000 Britons showed that having "clean and fresh sheets" and "slimming or losing weight" are also found in the list of exciters to have a moment of passion.

Meanwhile, for men the greatest encouragement to awaken the desire is to get home after a night of spree with friends and hoping the hope of seduce their partner.


Strange passions

For the transpersonal therapist Silvia Rojas Playing in a casino and winning, it causes an important discharge of adrenaline that is very likely that when those people come home are more excited than when returning after a business day.

"It is that winning for any man or woman arouses the desire for celebration, because it is a moment where joy, happiness, love and enthusiasm that can completely conclude in an intense sexual encounter," she explains.

From a more modern perspective, the English psychologist Tracey Cox cited by the British newspaper, says that an individual who competes and wins, gets a higher social status, usually has more money, attracts more colleagues and enjoys a greater rank Social.

"Neurotransmitters are released in these situations that are excitative in the brain and the person feels satisfied, the heart beats fast, the adrenaline floods and keeps excited," she says. Another discoveries of this survey is that driving a sports car or that your favorite team comes out victorious are tremendously exciting to get home and incite a moment of passion.

Now, on the list of the "Top Ten" is also the "cleaning of the house".

Anyway, the "Top Ten" in the trial of the transpersonal therapist, they realize that sexual motivations will always be related to personal well-being and assessing the love they have in their lives available to enjoy.


Top Ten in Women

1. Lose weight.
2. Fresh and clean sheets.
3. Earn an amount of money.
4. Festive night with girls, shelters.
5. Hot bath.
6. Work night or Christmas parties.
7. A new hairstyle.
8. Look for a perfect makeup.
9. After training in the gym.
10. Close a deal or complete an important task at work.


Top ten in men

1. Party night with boys.
2. Fresh and clean sheets.
3. Hot bath.
4. Earn an amount of money.
5. When the sports team wins.
6. Lose weight.
7. After training in the gym.
8. Drive a sports car.
9. Close a deal or complete an important task at work.
10. Cleaning the house.
couple who want to enjoy and have many friends
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I just met a girl that I like a lot. We met through an app and she surprised me from the first moment. The problem arises when we get to bed; There is nothing flowing there. She is very stopped, everything bothers her, she always wants the light off and gets under the sheet from the minute one. I'm lost, I do not know what to do. Thanks.

Everyone has ever spent that, just at the moment when the excitement is at the highest level, where our senses are already disoriented and in which the only thing we think is in having a great sexual moment, happens the unexpected .. . He or she receives a call, you think you will not answer, but not! He decides to pick up the phone vanish all your libido and the passion of the moment.

Neglecting underwear can ruin sensual moments with the pair jeangill / getty images
This is just an example of the circumstances or pretexts that can ruin certain moments of sexual excitement with the couple. But there are many others that are repeated frequently.

1. Little underwear
We all know that the moment of "stripping" the couple of their clothes is a moment of high sensual and erotic level. But if he hit, when taking his clothes, we met a granny panties or horrible underpants, that will cause sensuality to go to the trash. Like the damned socks. Very forbidden to be left!, Although there is a study that affirms that bringing the socks during the sexual act facilitates reaching the climax.

2. Comments out of place
During sexual arousal, it is not the time to make certain comments of the type "wait that I have to put a washing machine", or "watch that the bed will stain", or "expects the light," or "a moment that I'm going to bath". All this makes spontaneity disappear, which eliminates any possible romantic or exciting environment.

3. A bed that snaps
Another enemy of the libido can be the bed. This usually happens when we go on a trip or stay away from home to sleep or spend the weekend. When a bed makes noise breaks any space of intimacy, since you are more aware of not doing sudden movements so that it does not make noise than not what is doing or doing your partner. Therefore, here I recommend that when this happens the best thing is to have sex, or go to the shower. Or there is also the possibility of putting the blankets on the ground and having a different encounter.

4. Try to be Hollywood star
Many times we see scenes in the movies or pornography that call us attention and try to move them to our sexuality. You have to monitor a lot with it, because if we try to do acrobatics we will worsen the moment instead of adding eroticism.

Socks are very sensual, although some studies ensure that their use helps to reach climax IA_64 / Getty Images / Istockphoto
5. Clarify feelings
The moment of sex is not the ideal to resolve couples conflicts that have taken place before. If we try to ask for forgiveness or solve a problem, we will end up creating another. Therefore, it is best to wait, enjoy that moment of intimacy and sexuality, and then, once we have finished and have spent some time, we can talk easy.

6. Criticize the physical or that of the other
Because of my experience, this behavior of commenting on the physical defects is usually more frequent among women. Some begin to say everything he does not like about his body: "Oh, so no, that my ass looks and is horrible." Nor is it appropriate to say things like "oysters! Have you fatado not? " It is inevitable to think about it, but you do not always have to share everything, and it is convenient to avoid "sincericide".

7. Have the TV on
During a sexual encounter we should not attend other distractions rilueda / getty images / iStockphoto
Sometimes we can start a sexual encounter while we are looking at a movie or a television show. I recommend that in that case the TV is turned off from the beginning so you can not distract us. Because we can get to the point of being having sex and being following the end of the movie. And this can cause the other person a great anger, and rightly.

8. Eliminate all subtlety
Something that cancels all sensuality and blow excitation, in a second, is when asked "Are we going to have sex?". This should never ask, it is forbidden, because it makes the libido disappear in an instant. There are many times that things do not have to be verbalized; We can insinuate them with an approach. Another example of lack of subtlety that ends with the libido is when quickly self naked and goes to bed running. This cancels excitement and desire, since one of the best parts of the sexual encounter are kisses, caresses and discovering the body of the other.

9. Exaggerate the excitement
The exaggeration is more frequent
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They are a nice, very young and sexy couple, that can give you full sexual satisfaction, I like them.